Sunday, July 14, 2013

Life Update (a.k.a. I am back, Blogspot)

Engaged in Stillwater on Christmas Eve 12.24.11
(with sparkling grape juice and champagne)

Engagement Photos in Loring Park 
(by Joe Lemke)

Wedding in Minneapolis, 12.8.12
(by Joe Lemke)

 Honeymoon in Maine

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monday, December 20, 2010

oh dear...

it has been some time, eh?

it is so cold and snowy here. i walk around most days like this:
half because it is warmer, and half because i hate washing my hair.

i feel like i have many things to update on, and nothing at all to update on.

here are some things i will try to touch on in the future:

  • popsickle festival 2010 (photo below by joe lemke backstage)

  • holidays
  • work (which is still great)
  • basically taking over justin's place (which is extra great)
  • the guthrie's "christmas carol."
  • shane's premiere of his documentary "like a lion."
  • eventual presents.

i am actually more excited to have people open the things i got them instead of getting things. but of course i am still excited to GET. ;]

what's new with you all??? anything fun, interesting, sad? got stories, jokes, tales as old as time for me?

send em on in! a girl wants to know!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

things that happened that i am into in a big way.

movies i watched and adored (thanks to justin's netflix sending):
a pride and prejudice/sense and sensibility drama/mystery.
many story lines interweave. i love it when movies and books do this. very funny. very human. very sad. extremely quirky. WATCH IT.
i had to watch this one with subtitles on because there is SO much going on in every scene. i feel like i could watch it 20 times and see new things with each view. a human story mystery. so many different characters. so many motives. it is like a clue game x10 characters in movie form.

jenny owen youngs concert/hang out:
me and gretchen pre-concert. she was a sorority sister in college and one of my favorite people. i didn't get to hang out with her nearly enough in college, and i had not seen her since college.
proof! jenny and i love each other. cannot you see it?

jenny covering the MCS song for the first time at the minneapolis show. forgive my singing in the background. thanks, lydia, for uploading this and taking it in the first place!

best friend love:
heather brought me flowers for my first day of work. awww. she is so thoughtful. i am so lucky to have a girl like her on my side in life!

the replacements tribute at first ave:
justin singing the last song off of the "tim" record. everyone in the room was singing along. it was beautiful. i am so proud of him.

old times:

my mom, my sister, and i were going though many old videos the other day. i love old home videos. check me out in all of my annoying "diving" skills.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


i am so behind at posting and making this place better.

oh dear.

i am so busy with work, and tumblr is so much easier. i am sorry i am betraying you!!

let me know if there is anything you want me to post. <3

Monday, November 15, 2010


justin is the voice of tommy (the kid). i think this is pretty badass. full episode. watch, then buy and support.

it is actually pretty offensive material, so do not watch if you are sensitive.